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Celebrating The Ugly Five Of Africa’s Wildlife

We’ve all heard of the Big Five: the showcase wildlife of Africa and the highlight encounters of any safari. But what about the continent’s less attractive creatures: the warty, repellent and unsightly? There’s a club for them too – the Ugly Five – and we’re massive fans.

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Seven Sisters - View from the top

East Sussex Road Trip: A Day Out In The South Downs

Staying around London and have a spare day, a car, and a sense of adventure? This one day East Sussex road trip itinerary might just be for you.

Sign for the South Downs Way

Growing up in London I’ve always had Sussex on my doorstep, just a stone’s throw away down the M23. But to be honest, it’s an area I’ve rarely explored, save for the occasional football away day, and frequent trips to Gatwick for adventures further afield.

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Island Fling: The Perfect 5-Day Isle Of Skye Road Trip

We leave the world behind on a 5-day Isle of Skye road trip, flying into Inverness and out of Glasgow, with 3 full days exploring the moody moors and windswept ranges of this alluring Scottish island.

Views over the stunning Quiraing, highlight of an Isle of Skye road trip.

Rugged, dramatic and irrepressible, Scotland’s Isle of Skye has a knack of weaving its way into your soul and taking hold. Even as it soaks your shoes, showers you with freezing rain, and does its best to cast you out into the Atlantic on a high wind.

There’s something about the place, beyond the blockbuster scenery and the epic Full Scottish breakfasts served up in its B&Bs. It’s an island of myth and legend, of fairies, giants and great clan battles.

If you’re an all-weather hiker, this is prime walking country, but for the rest of us mere mortals, there’s no better way to see the place than on an Isle of Skye road trip.

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Antarctic Fur Seals at Deception Island

Up Close And Personal With Antarctic Wildlife

In a place as wild and beautiful as Antarctica, the highlights are many. For us though, it was our Antarctic wildlife encounters that left one of the most lasting impressions.

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How To Choose The Best Antarctica Cruise For You

You’ve been dreaming about making the trip to Antarctica for years, and now it’s finally going to happen. So where do you start? How do you pick a cruise from the dozens of companies that travel to Antarctica each season?

It goes without saying that for most of us, cost is the number one consideration when it comes to choosing an Antarctica cruise. When you’re spending a small fortune to start with, you want to make sure it’s a trip you remember forever – for the right reasons.

We invested a lot of time researching cruise options for our trip to Antarctica earlier this year. In this post, we focus on eight major considerations for choosing the best Antarctica cruise for you.

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30 Photos Of Antarctica That Show Why It’s The Coolest Place On Earth

From incredible and unexpected landscapes, magical icebergs and powerful glaciers to vast skies, up-close wildlife encounters and a beauty so pristine it makes your eyes water, Antarctica is a land beyond compare.

But don’t just take our word for it. We’ve trawled through our trip pics and pulled together 30 photos of Antarctica that show why this incredible destination should be at the top of your bucket list, and why it’s hands down the coolest place on Earth.

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Nature’s Best: 5 Must-See Parks In Costa Rica

With a quarter of its territory protected as national parks and reserves, and nearly 6 per cent of the world’s biodiversity, you’ll find remarkable nature and wildlife just about everywhere you turn in Costa Rica. The challenge is choosing where best to spend your time. Here are 5 parks in Costa Rica that we think are unmissable.  

View of the Continental Divide from Monteverde Cloud Forest, one of the best parks in Costa Rica.

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Half Moon Island, our first stop in Antarctica

Arriving In Antarctica: An Unforgettable Thrill

For two days we’ve travelled across an ocean with no land in sight. It’s the longest sea voyage we’ve ever embarked on.

I’ve been scanning the horizon for hours, watching for a break in the relentlessly flat skyline. Suddenly, forms start to take shape: icebergs, the advance guard that heralds our proximity to one of nature’s true unspoilt wildernesses.

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View over the bay from Brown Station in Antarctica

Visiting Antarctica: Everything You Need To Know To Go

Thinking about visiting Antarctica but wondering where to start? We’ve compiled all the questions we had and more about making the big decision to travel to this incredible continent. 

Visiting Antarctica aboard the expedition ship, MV Ushuaia.

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10 Reasons Why An Antarctic Cruise Is The Adventure Of A Lifetime

Making the commitment to visit Antarctica is a huge decision. If you’re in two minds about whether to take the polar plunge, we’ve put together 10 reasons why Antarctica should be at the top of your bucket list.  

The MV Ushuaia sits in a calm Antarctic bay

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Cooling Our Heels On A Visit To Perito Moreno Glacier

We spend a day chilling by a river of ice on a visit to Perito Moreno Glacier in Argentina’s Los Glaciares National Park. 

Icy Panorama: The 5-kilometre-long face that greets the visitor on a visit to Perito Moreno Glacier.

A shotgun crack splits the air and ricochets up the valley. Heads swivel and cameras wave about as excited faces search out the source of the noise in the vast glacier opposite.

Across the lake, a small wave surges away from the glacier wall. It’s the only sign that a chunk of ice has slipped from the glacier face and hit the milky-blue water of Lago Argentino below.

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Getting Outdoors In Cuba’s World Heritage Valle De Viñales

If Havana epitomises the vibrant, colourful, rumba-thumping, Caribbean heart of Cuba, then surely Viñales must be its earthy, laid back, rural soul.

Set amidst the World Heritage-listed Valle de Viñales, the village feels a world away from its metropolitan cousin, with a frozen-in-time feeling that suits a pace of life somewhat less frenetic.

Imagine cowboys riding down the main street, horses and carts loaded with fresh produce, country folk rocking in wooden chairs on the porches of colourful houses, and the barnyard scent of the world’s best cigars wafting through the early evening air.

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