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30 Photos Of Antarctica That Show Why It’s The Coolest Place On Earth

From incredible and unexpected landscapes, magical icebergs and powerful glaciers to vast skies, up-close wildlife encounters and a beauty so pristine it makes your eyes water, Antarctica is a land beyond compare.

But don’t just take our word for it. We’ve trawled through our trip pics and pulled together 30 photos of Antarctica that show why this incredible destination should be at the top of your bucket list, and why it’s hands down the coolest place on Earth.

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Vintage Gallery: Cuba’s Real-Life Classic Car Museum

Walking down the street in Havana, you’d be forgiven for half-expecting to find a 1950s diner at the next corner where that beautiful vintage Bel Air is parked, all high-shine chrome and polished paintwork.

For many people, Cuba evokes nostalgic images of classic American cars set amidst the backdrop of colourful street scenes. I’m thinking flared tail fins, chrome fenders and more curves than a scenic railway.

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Fire and ice sunset in Iceland

A Photo Road Trip Through Southern Iceland

In the playground of the world’s geology, Iceland is a toddler: a mere 16 million years young and a bundle of energy and volatility, still prone to sudden, fiery tantrums and intense growth spurts. It makes for an ever-changing landscape of drama and awe, even moreso when the days begin to shorten and the winter closes in.

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Blenny fish - Muck Diving Bali

Muck Diving In Bali: All The Small Things

We’re trundling down a dirt track towards the sea on the outskirts of Amed, a jumble of villages stretching for miles along Bali’s east coast. Gentle waves lap against a beach of large, smooth stones lined with narrow, brightly-coloured fishing boats. Behind us, the steep sides of Mount Agung, an active volcano, rise sheer above the lush green countryside. It’s a vast, impressive scene. But we’re here for the small stuff.

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Outside View of the Rotunda of Mosta, Malta

Timeless Malta: Photo Gallery

Malta is a small nation with a big past. Its three islands – Malta, Gozo and tiny Comino – are interwoven with a long and often fraught human story that spans the Mediterranean Sea.

On our visit, we spent one week milling with the many in the tourist town of Sliema on Malta, followed by a week of peace and relative solitude on nearby Gozo. The two experiences couldn’t have been more different, but each island offered its own special insights into the enduring history,  landscapes and people that have made this small country such a fascinating and timeless place to visit. Here’s a gallery of our favourite pics from our stay on the islands.

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Epic Egypt: Photo Gallery

We’ve been thinking about Egypt a lot lately, and particularly after visiting the excellent Sunken cities: Egypt’s lost worlds exhibition at the British Museum recently. Since the revolution in 2011, it’s been a rocky road for the country and its people. Tourism, an industry the nation relies on, has taken a tumble. We’ve put together a gallery of photos from our 2011 visit as a happy reminder of our time in this extraordinary land. The thing is, with 5,000 years of tangible history and a complex modern society uncertainly navigating its way into yet another millennium, Egypt is at turns constant and mercurial…but it’s always epic. We look forward to going back.

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Vibrant Marrakech: Photo Gallery

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South-west England Road Trip: Photo Gallery

England: Big skies, old stones and a thousand shades of grey. Even in the winter gloom though, it makes for some wonderfully evocative photo memories. And when the sun breaks through the clouds and casts a golden light on rolling green fields, you could be forgiven for thinking it’s just a little bit heavenly. Here’s our gallery pick from our road trip through the south-west. Hopefully it convinces you that even in the colder months, this is a part of the world very much worth visiting.

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Spectacular Red Sea Diving: Photo Gallery

Diving doesn’t get much better than the Red Sea, and with so many dive sites to choose from there really is something for even the most discerning diver.

We’ve enjoyed enchanting coral gardens, exciting caves, an amazing variety of colourful tropical fish of all shapes and sizes, and of course the wonders of the blue hole.

That’s why it’s one of our go-to spots for a diving holiday, and while pictures will never truly do this amazing place justice, we hope it gives you a taste of what awaits you under the sea off the coast of the Sinai Peninsulai.

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Bali’s underwater wonderland: Photo Gallery

Superb shipwrecks, mantas, mola mola, fantastic coral, cute cuttlefish, morish muck diving, nifty night diving and fantastic tropical water with awesome visibility.

Add easy, relatively short flights from Sydney, great cheap accommodation overlooking the ocean, and friendly, gentle people, and you’ll get the gist of why Bali is our go-to destination when we need a tropical diving fix.

Here’s just a few pictures to whet your appetite.

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Scenes of Sri Lanka: Photo Gallery

Sri Lanka is an island treasure, a diverse landscape of lush rainforest, ambient highland tea plantations, dazzling white sand beaches, bustling cities that never feel crowded, resilient and warm people, and over 2000 years of fascinating history and culture. Easy to travel, and a delight to explore, here’s a gallery of snapshots from our travels around Sri Lanka.

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Taj Mahal - Black and White

Vibrant India: Photo Gallery

India has long been on our bucket list. A country of 1.2 billion people, it’s a vast stirring pot of humanity with all the shades of society that such a large and diverse population brings. No other country we’ve travelled has been as challenging, engaging, frustrating, enlivening or eye-opening. It leaves a mark. This is vibrant India through our lens – enjoy.

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