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Celebrating The Ugly Five Of Africa’s Wildlife

We’ve all heard of the Big Five: the showcase wildlife of Africa and the highlight encounters of any safari. But what about the continent’s less attractive creatures: the warty, repellent and unsightly? There’s a club for them too – the Ugly Five – and we’re massive fans.

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On The Trail Of Ancient Rock Art In Patagonia

Nine thousand years ago, Argentina’s first people roamed the Patagonian steppe. Through the seasons, the nomadic hunter-gatherers followed the guanaco, their main food source, from the high desert plateaus to the deep canyons of the Río Pinturas.

There, they left countless markings on the caves and canyon walls, an extraordinary collection of ancient rock art that survives today. It’s to the region’s most famous site, Cueva de Las Manos – the Cave of the Hands – that we’re headed.

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Vintage Gallery: Cuba’s Real-Life Classic Car Museum

Walking down the street in Havana, you’d be forgiven for half-expecting to find a 1950s diner at the next corner where that beautiful vintage Bel Air is parked, all high-shine chrome and polished paintwork.

For many people, Cuba evokes nostalgic images of classic American cars set amidst the backdrop of colourful street scenes. I’m thinking flared tail fins, chrome fenders and more curves than a scenic railway.

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Taking On A Volcano By Snowmobile In Iceland

Our guide is knee-deep in the snow of Mýrdalsjökull Glacier in Iceland’s south, scraping the ice around him into a large mound. “Do you know where Iceland’s biggest volcano is?” he asks. People in our group, stark against the white backdrop in fluorescent orange boiler suits, point in various directions. “Actually,” he stabs his finger into the centre of the icy mound, “you’re standing on it.”

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De Ruien – A Tour Of Antwerp’s Underground Past

I’m standing in a chilly, dimly-lit brick-vaulted passageway. A frothy brown sludge is lapping at my ankles. John is a couple of feet away with his nose wrinkled, wearing an expression somewhere between bemused and horrified. A kid’s high-pitched voice suddenly cuts through the silence, yelling ‘Stinken!’ He might be shouting in Dutch, but the message is perfectly clear. We are, after all, in a sewer.

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Diving into the past in the Bay of Naples

We’re staring down a wide, stone-paved roadway that winds off into the distance. Nearby, low walls of crumbling brick trace out the arcades, rooms and courtyards of seaside villas in what was once the summer playground of Ancient Rome’s rich and famous. It’s a scene reminiscent of many historic sites of this large and powerful empire. Except this site is entirely unique. This site is under the sea.

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