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Seven Sisters - View from the top

East Sussex Road Trip: A Day Out In The South Downs

Staying around London and have a spare day, a car, and a sense of adventure? This one day East Sussex road trip itinerary might just be for you.

Sign for the South Downs Way

Growing up in London I’ve always had Sussex on my doorstep, just a stone’s throw away down the M23. But to be honest, it’s an area I’ve rarely explored, save for the occasional football away day, and frequent trips to Gatwick for adventures further afield.

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Island Fling: The Perfect 5-Day Isle Of Skye Road Trip

We leave the world behind on a 5-day Isle of Skye road trip, flying into Inverness and out of Glasgow, with 3 full days exploring the moody moors and windswept ranges of this alluring Scottish island.

Views over the stunning Quiraing, highlight of an Isle of Skye road trip.

Rugged, dramatic and irrepressible, Scotland’s Isle of Skye has a knack of weaving its way into your soul and taking hold. Even as it soaks your shoes, showers you with freezing rain, and does its best to cast you out into the Atlantic on a high wind.

There’s something about the place, beyond the blockbuster scenery and the epic Full Scottish breakfasts served up in its B&Bs. It’s an island of myth and legend, of fairies, giants and great clan battles.

If you’re an all-weather hiker, this is prime walking country, but for the rest of us mere mortals, there’s no better way to see the place than on an Isle of Skye road trip.

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Top Sights On A Road Trip Through Iceland’s South

It’s impossible not to be captivated by the idea of Iceland. A mystical island of icy glaciers and fiery volcanoes where Vikings once roamed; a place where the sun shines all night in summer, and strange lights dance across the night sky in winter.

So when to go, summer or winter? Time of year has a huge impact on any visit to Iceland. We opted for winter for a couple of reasons: we wanted to see the island in its icy splendour and we were hoping to glimpse the northern lights; we also wanted to avoid the high season crowds and costs.

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Fire and ice sunset in Iceland

A Photo Road Trip Through Southern Iceland

In the playground of the world’s geology, Iceland is a toddler: a mere 16 million years young and a bundle of energy and volatility, still prone to sudden, fiery tantrums and intense growth spurts. It makes for an ever-changing landscape of drama and awe, even moreso when the days begin to shorten and the winter closes in.

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Norway Road Trip: An Itinerary

You could spend a lifetime exploring Norway. It’s the kind of vast, rugged, windswept, beautiful place that panorama functionality on cameras was designed for.

Unless you have limitless time and funds however, it may actually take a lifetime to see everything you want to see. With this in mind, if you’re contemplating a trip to Norway, you’re probably in the position we were in, with a certain amount of time, a finite budget, and a whole world of possibilities to consider.

After extensive research, we whittled our world of potential into a three-week road trip around the country’s south. We visited in July and August, the height of summer, and our experiences reflect some of the opportunities available at this time of year. We’ve compiled our journey below, with links to other posts about our experiences along the way. The map identifies our overnight stops en route. We hope it’s a useful reference for planning your own Norwegian adventure. Happy travelling!

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Sogndal To Geiranger – The Most Spectacular Drive In The World?

For most of our three-week journey around Norway, John and I wore the look of the stunned, partly due to the cost of travelling there but mostly because the country is just off the charts in the natural beauty stakes. We were already doing overtime on the superlatives. So when we set off on what was supposed to be a simple, point-to-point, three-and-a-half-hour drive from the small fjord-side town of Sogndal to another fjord-side town called Geiranger, both in the country’s west, we expected some pretty scenery. What we got left us speechless.

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A Nice Chianti Classico – Road Tripping In Tuscany

If two wine apprecionados were ever going to officially start their latest grown-up long-haul adventure somewhere, what better place to ease into it than among the awesome architecture, heavenly frescoes, tasty fare and, of course, the divine vines of Italy’s romantic Tuscany?

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Hill Town Hopping Through Central Italy

It’s a beautiful, sun-drenched morning and we’re driving through tranquil rolling hills, past the occasional vineyard and olive grove, and tiny picture-perfect rural villages. We’re so distracted by the scenery that it’s a while before we realise the roads are getting narrower, and we haven’t seen another car for about half an hour. We’re used to our temperamental GPS app sending us the wrong way down one-way streets and impossibly narrow laneways, so we’re ready for some car drama.

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South-west England Road Trip: Photo Gallery

England: Big skies, old stones and a thousand shades of grey. Even in the winter gloom though, it makes for some wonderfully evocative photo memories. And when the sun breaks through the clouds and casts a golden light on rolling green fields, you could be forgiven for thinking it’s just a little bit heavenly. Here’s our gallery pick from our road trip through the south-west. Hopefully it convinces you that even in the colder months, this is a part of the world very much worth visiting.

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The Ultimate Itinerary For A Road Trip In South-West England

England’s pretty country lanes are made for road tripping. In this post, we plot out an epic route with castles, villages, moors and spectacular coastlines on a 9-day road trip in south-west England.

The spectacular coastline at Land's End, the farthest you can go on a road trip in south-west England.

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South-West England: Road Trip Like You Mean It – Part 2

George, our new beer buddy, was looking at me like I’d offered him a plate of week-old pilchards. I had the feeling if there’d been anyone else in our tiny corner of the pub, the imaginary fiddle in the background would have squeaked to a halt and everyone would be staring at me in horrified silence.

“This is Cornwall. Not England.”

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South-West England: Road Trip Like You Mean It – Part 1

Road tripping is one of our favourite ways to travel. This is despite the fact that some of our most epic disagreements have taken place trying to navigate our way through unfamiliar places in a hire car, usually to the soundtrack of an equally perplexed GPS.

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