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The Hungry Traveller’s Guide to Colombian Food

What’s the first country that pops into your head when you hear the words, ‘great international cuisine’? Italy? Vietnam? Turkey?

Chances are it wasn’t Colombia, was it?

That’s about to change. Moving on from more than half a century of internal strife and a reputation that kept visitors away, Colombia is finally pulling back the curtain to let its many strengths – like the delicious and diverse culinary scene – shine through.

Watch this space. In the great mixing bowl of international cuisine, Colombian food is on the rise.

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Wine Tasting On A Bike And Wine Tour In Santiago

Escape the bustling streets of Santiago for a couple of hours of wine tasting among the vines on a bike and wine tour in the Maipo Valley wine region.    

Green bikes parked next to vineyards on a Bike and Wine Tour of the Maipo Valley in Santiago.

We really like wine. We also enjoy the occasional bike ride, especially when the path is mostly flat and the bike seat is user-friendly. While visiting Santiago recently, we discovered that we could combine the two on a bike and wine tour in the Maipo Valley, just a stone’s throw from the busy capital. Yes please!

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48 Hours In Innsbruck: The Perfect Winter Weekender

Innsbruck, Austria’s picturesque Tyrolean capital, attracts visitors year-round to its alpine panoramas and active outdoors scene. It’s especially charming in the early winter, when the city turns on the festive cheer and Christmas markets illuminate the town squares.

As our Aussie Christmases are usually scorchers passed in the shade sipping ice-cold drinks, we’ve always wanted to experience a snowy European Yuletide. Innsbruck, with its merry markets backed by the snow-capped Nordkette mountain range, made for the perfect winter weekend getaway. Here’s our guide for getting the best out of 48 hours in Innsbruck.

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The Hungry Traveller’s Guide To Eating In Singapore

For hundreds of years, the tiny island nation of Singapore has been a gateway to Asia, and a cultural crossroads absorbing customs, cuisines and flavours from around the world.

Like many travellers, we’ve passed through this international hub lots of times, catching random glimpses of the outside world as we dash along the airport’s transit corridors. This time though, we’re leaving the airport, and we’re here to eat.

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The Path Of Yeast Resistance – A Belgian Beer Tour

Surely it’s every beer lover’s dream come true: a trip where drinking beer is the ‘must do’ of the itinerary. No cobbled streets, churches, museums, galleries, ancient history and all that exhausting walking. This trip would be all about the beer. Ok, so there did turn out to be plenty of history, miles of walking and a swathe of churches on the itinerary too. But really, it was all about the beer. And this is my Belgian beer tour homage.

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A Nice Chianti Classico – Road Tripping In Tuscany

If two wine apprecionados were ever going to officially start their latest grown-up long-haul adventure somewhere, what better place to ease into it than among the awesome architecture, heavenly frescoes, tasty fare and, of course, the divine vines of Italy’s romantic Tuscany?

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Eat, Drink, Marvel, Repeat: A Wander Around Bologna

We had one major objective for our trip to Bologna: Eat ragu. Everything else would be a bonus.

Having grown up on Spaghetti Bolognese, this was – for me – effectively a pasta pilgrimage. I’d done my research though and I was under no illusions that there might be any similarity between the Aussie spag bol of my childhood and authentic Bolognese tagliatelle ragu. There really wasn’t. The real stuff is deliciously simple. And simply delicious. (Not that yours isn’t, mum!)

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Marrakech Food Tour - Nothing says Morocco more than oloves!

Marrakech Food Tour: Eat Like A Local In Morocco

Marrakech is one of our all-time favourite cities to visit and a genuine assault on the senses. If you’re just visiting Marrakech, or kicking off your Morocco travels, a Marrakech food tour is a great orientation to Moroccan food.

Marrakech old town - local shop selling olives and pickles

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